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Half Scale  Acrylic Wall Clock
This is a half size version of the open Acrylic Wall Clock I made November 2011 to early 2012.
I have not had time yet to publish a project page but their is a YouTube video that will tell you all about how I went about making it.
A photo of my own designed and made CNC Router It was 3 months in the making and was a very rewarding project. All the construction details are in the PROJECTS section. These days almost all of my CNC routed projects are done using this machine.
Most recently upgraded the Z-Axis assembly.
March 2016 Updated Downloads of Gantry Side Support Drawings.
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CNC Router Completed_03
Last Updated January 3rd, 2017
March 15th 2017
New YouTube Video: //

February 27th 2017
Completed upgrade of my CNC Router. Fitted Closed Loop Stepper motors. A bit expensive but I wanted to see what the improvements might be over time. First thing I notice is that the closed loop motors are virtually silent when running. I have taken video and pics and will post these soon.