Making the 450mm EL LED Base Video Link and some images showing how I made this new base 26/3/2016
Two Layer LED Edge lit Logo Light My latest Two Layer (Fixed + RGB) Edge Lit LED Logo Sign project 24/3/2016
Ball Screw End Bearing Assembly Ball Screw End Bearing Blocks feature a flexible coupling for X & Y-Axis 11/3/2016
Solid Plate Aluminium Router Bed Replaced the original bed on my CNC Router with a solid aluminium plate 12/3/2016
Acrylic Stepper Motor Mounts New Stepper Motor Mounts out of Acrylic and Polycarbonate. 13/3/2016
Z-AXIS for my CNC ROUTER A Re-Designed CNC Machined Z-Axis Assembly for my CNC Router 31/5/2015
Surfacing MDF Bed Board Re-Surfacing the MDF Bed Board after installation of the new Z-Axis 5/6/2015
Acrylic LED Edge Lit Wall Clock's A wall clock incorporating LED edge lighting both single and multi colour. 23/1/2013
Other Lithophanes A few of the latest Lithophanes including one in full colour of a rose. 12/1/13
New Lithophane Projects This is my third Lithophane project and in my opinion the best yet. 2/11/2012
elevAte Company Key Fob This Key Fob shows how a fairly detailed inlay can be done using CNC. 1/9/2012
Duel Colour Illuminated Logo LED Edge lit logos using 2 acrylic panels and 2 differt coloured LED strips 1/9/2012
Acrylic Wall Clock A fully working wall clock made almost entirly out of clear acrylic 20/11/2011
Acrylic Savings Vault An Acrylic Money Vault for notes. Made as a present for a friend. 25/8/2011
Workholding Acrylic How I use double sided tape to hold Acrylic during Routing 24/8/2011
Lithophane Back lighting System Making the back LED illumination assembly used for my Lithophanes 15/7/2011
NICOLE's Clock A New style clock design featurring RGB Illumination 7/7/2011
Braden & Callan's Lithophane Creating a true back Lit Lithophane. 17/7/2011
Acrylic Illuminated Plates RGB LED lit 3D Images & Name Plates 1/6/2011
Acrylic Illuminated Logo An LED bottom edge lit acrylic desktop logo 24/3/2011
CNC Router Dust Extraction Hood Making a Dust Extraction Hood for the CNC Router 8/5/2011
CNC Carving a 3D Face This was the first wood carving on the CNC Router 26/2/2011
Rocker Clamps Making a set of clamps to hold down work on the CNC Router Bed 26/2/2011
CLOCK ALJ21 Making my first clock for 2011 6/2/2011
CNC ROUTER My Home built CNC Router as featured on the Home page 26/3/2016
SHERLINE A2Z Sherline Mill Antibacklash Z Axis Adaption. 26/1/2011
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I do not make for sale any of these products, additionally, sorry, also for some projects I can not make available dimensioned drawings.
All CNC designs and G-Code are created using
Vectric Aspire. I always use the latest version of Aspire, currently V8.
For some recent projects I have provided links to download my (.crv3d) Aspire files and exported dimensioned (.svg) CAD drawings